Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lucite Grapes: The Key to Decorative Greatness

These really build an appetite.
 One of the joys of being a pastor is people often think of you and give you great tokens of their love and admiration.  And then there are times when people know you're hopelessly out of date, and against their better judgment, decide to enable you anyway.  Then there are some gifts so wonderful that the English language fails to provide the means necessary to describe them. 
This weekend I received a gift that brought me back to my grandparents kitchen.  These decorative pieces were all the it fruit?  is it decoration?  It's both! 
So Nikki and I tried several different locations to adequately display such a fine gift.  Here are some of the places we tried. 
Honey, what's for dinner?

Honored place between Brees and Bradshaw

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