Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freaky Friday Apology

Hello readers and followers of the Fabulous Freaky Friday Post (both of you).  I deeply regret my error in not noting the fact that yesterday was indeed Friday the 13th.  I missed a wonderful opportunity to talk about one of the great (if not the greatest) slasher series: Friday the 13th.  I really don't know what I was thinking.  Come on, there were 11 incarnations of the Voorhies family plus a remake (which I didn't actually watch).  They even made a 3D movie (which, just to be honest, gave me a headache).
Teens today would find these pretty laughable, but they made me almost pee my pants. 
Obviously when you make 10 sequels, some of them are bound to stink.  But Friday the 13th IV: the final chapter (oddly named since they made 7 more movies) was actually not bad and featured a young Corey Feldman (who by then was already a veteran actor).  I don't really encourage people to watch horror movies anymore, but I did want to correct my oversight.
P.S.  Since today is Saturday the 14th, there was a really, really terrible spoof called "Saturday the 14th", I thought I'd mention it.  Yes, I've seen it (twice) and it really is as bad as it sounds.  Actually, it's a spoof of Bruce Campbell's delightful "Evil Dead", so the title is a little misleading.

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