Monday, August 16, 2010

Hair Metal Mondays

Since I've had so much fun writing about cheesy movies, I thought I would reflect on the golden age of music--those days when dudes with long hair, stiletto heels, and makeup roamed the streets of Hollywood--the zenith of guitar virtuosos and lead singers who were more concerned with stage presence than actual vocal ability--that magical music was Hair Metal (a.k.a Glam Rock).
I'll begin with my all time favorite Hair Metal Band: RATT
RATT is comprised of:
Stephen Pearcy- Lead Vocals, Front Man, Swagger
Warren DeMartini- Lead Guitar,
Robin Crosby- Guitar (RIP)
Bobby Blotzer- Drums
Juan Croucier- Bass

I remember my first introduction to RATT.  My brother brought home their cassette entitled "Invasion of Your Privacy", and from the moment I heard the first riff of "You're in Love" I was hooked: transported from rural Louisiana to the SunsetStrip at the Whiskey Agogo.  I was mesmerized by the blazing guitar riffs, the scratchy, wailing voice of Stephen Pearcy, the feeling in the pit of my stomach as I was listening to something forbidden.  (My dad thought the "rock" music of Helen Reddy was too seedy for me to listen to)  It represented everything I wanted my life to be.  I wanted to grow my hair out, spray it with Aquanet, and tease it out to the breaking point...unfortunately my hair looks more like Greg Brady's than Steven Pearcy's...."hey there groovy chick"
Alas, history has not been kind to the rock gods of Sunset blvd, but RATT showed me there was a larger world out there.  They really gave me my first (and last) feeling of rebellion.  They made me truly understand the meaning of the phrase: RATT N' ROLL.
RATT N' ROLL indeed!                 
Here is the song that set me on the road to complete cultural oblivion!

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