Thursday, August 5, 2010


I've recently started translating/reading through the Didache.  The Didache is an early Christian document (between 50-150 ACE) that was widely popular, and some ancient Christians even viewed it as scripture.
It begins by describing the two ways: one of life and one of death.  The odd thing about the first 6 chapters or so, is that it doesn't give a list of doctrines to which one must subscribe.  Rather, it is a lifestyle of love for God and love for neighbor.  The following list of ethics flow out of that love (most of the ethical behaviors listed are quotes from the sermon on the mount)
Today, if one were to write a book about the two ways, it would probably focus on believing certain prescribed theological propositions, such as: the deity of Christ, or the virgin birth.  Being a seminarian, I'm not apposed to theology, but it seems that Christianity has become more an intellectual pursuit than a living relationship.  Well, maybe it's become more of an intellectual pursuit for me....
What would it be like if Christians really focused on loving God and neighbor?

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