Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair Metal Monday: Whitesnake

One of the greatest treasures of Rockdom is Whitesnake's titular album--containing 9 incredible tracks, 3 of which are legitimate top 10 hits.  If I were trapped on a deserted island, and were only allowed to take 5 albums with me, this would be on the list.
Whitesnake is not my favorite band (RATT will always hold that position), but I think David Coverdale might be the greatest Front Man in the business...that hair, that voice, that brooding stare.  He's got the whole package.
Be honest, the first day you got your driver's license, you know you popped this cassette in the tape deck, put on black leather gloves (or in my case my mom's gardening gloves), turned up the volume on "Here I go again", and drove down to Dairy Queen....feeling alive for the very first time.  OK maybe that was just me.  And every time I hear "Is this Love", I'm transported back to junior high dances held in our gymnasium...that aroma of romance and sweat socks--my first taste of unrequited love.
"I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been"....Whitesnake has helped me navigate "the only road I've ever known" and for that I will always be grateful.
So "make up your mind, and don't waste no more time" and give Whitesnake a listen.


  1. But what is David Coverdale's biggest hit with another band? Here's a hint, it's hot!

  2. I know David was the lead singer for Deep Purple for a smoke on the water?

  3. Close but not hot enough! The answer is "Burn" which Mark (he is the one who sent this question) suggests you check out on youtube.