Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jonathan Edwards

I've been reading a wonderful biography of Jonathan Edwards by George Marsden, and I wanted to recommend this if you're looking for some nice rainy day reading.  Marsden is one of the world's leading Edwards scholars, but his writing is surprisingly readable.  The portrait Marsden paints is not heavy handed in any way.  He doesn't seek to malign or glorify Edwards; instead, he offers a balanced account of his struggles to follow God and lead in a time of change.
Marsden won awards for an in-depth study (which means long), but he wrote a short biography for those looking to get a glimpse at this great theologian's life.  It's only 150 pages or so and immensely readable.  If you interested in the Great Awakening, US history, or the relationship of religion and politics, you'll be rewarded by reading this biography.
It's also inspired me to read "The Religious Affections", a book I've been meaning to read for a decade or so.  I'll be collecting my thoughts about this work on the blog as well.

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