Friday, February 18, 2011

Freaky Friday- Ninja 3: the Domination

Back from a hiatus with a spectacular Freaky Friday offering--The 1984 Golan-Globus martial arts/horror spectacular.  First, let's start with the title.  You might expect there would be a Ninja 1 and 2 living somewhere in the ether, but you'd be wrong.  Israeli cousins Golan and Globus bought the Cannon Group and started churning out action flicks.  They picked up on the martial arts craze of the 80's and made "Enter the Ninja" (an utterly forgettable film) followed closely by "Revenge of the Ninja" (the best Ninja film of the 80's--seriously watch it!).  When they decided to make "the Domination" it was the 3rd in the series so they called it Ninja 3.  Not very inspiring, but hey it was the 80's.

This film is truly amazing--a time capsule of all that was great (and awful) about the mid 80's.  If you're homesick for the cheese of the 80's (and who isn't?) then you're in luck.
The plot is actually cool.  A Japanese assassin, or Ninja, has been tracked down and shot a gazillion times but manages to escape just long enough to put his soul into an unsuspecting telephone repair woman/aerobics instructor (sounds awesome...I know).  His soul uses this attractive vessel to avenge his death.  Enter Yamada (Sho Kosugi- master of all martial arts) who must exorcise the spirit and do some Kung Fu on his imortal soul.  It's Kung Fu meets the Exorcist and it's TOTALLY AWESOME!
Sorry this movie is no longer in print, but you can see it on Video on Demand on Amazon.  Check it won't be disappointed.  Well, actually you might be disappointed, but it's only a movie.

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