Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!

This date really sneaked up on me!  I was wondering if the milk was still good and realized that today is an incredibly monumental occasion.
On March 11, 1990 I became a Christian.  Exactly 21 years ago, I experienced the love of God in a very powerful way.  I emphasize "experienced" because there is no way other way to describe it.  I remember where I was, the smells, the sounds; even Mitch Dunn sitting across the desk with his out-of-style helmet haircut.
So now I'm 21 years old in the faith.  A bonified "grown-up" Christian--although, I don't feel "grown up".  I've been thinking about my journey, about my failures and successes, and about what the future holds.  Mostly, I'm so thankful for First Baptist Church: Moss Bluff and Mitch Dunn.  They loved me and shared God's love with me.  So much of who I am now (at least the good stuff) is because of those experiences.

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