Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hair Metal Monday: Cinderella

Whenever I wonder how Glam Rock could have possibly given way to that unholy pseudo music called "grunge", I need only remember the heights of lunacy embodied by bands like Cinderella.  This group embraced every Glam Rock stereotype: Ultra big hair, transvestite pirate outfits, over the top music videos, and attitude like nobody's business.  It seems almost oxymoronic that their biggest hit was "Nobody's Fool".....hmmmmm.
By the end of the 80's there were so many Glam rip-offs that the Sunset Strip was populated solely by androgynous crowds moving from one party to the next--ah the good ol' days.
The really tragic element in this scenario is that Cinderella for all their faults (which are legion) they were really a good band.  They could play their instruments and lead singer, Tom Keifer, had a great, albeit AC/DC voice.  They wailed.  Their music was solid, but their bravado outshone their talent.  In the end, they were just another Sunset Strip band that went the way of the dinosaur....too bad.  Their rookie album "Night Songs" went multi-platinum and their follow up effort "Long Cold Winter" is also a solid album.  They kept going even into the 90's and possibly their greatest song, "Hot and Bothered" is featured on the Wayne's World soundtrack alongside Queens uber-hit "Bohemian Rhapsody".  Cinderella rocks, but few remember this once heralded quartet; if you want to know why watch this.

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